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In Service To The Mouse book cover
Cover design by Charles Boyer


“In Service to the Mouse” is a memoir by Disneyland's first president, Jack Lindquist. This insightful and humorous book traces Jack’s many experiences working for The Walt Disney Company over 38 years.

Known as one of the most creative and knowledgeable marketing men of this century, Lindquist’s memoir includes more than 60 chapters, each its own individual and unique story of his many experiences with the company, beginning as a 28-year-old Advertising Manager for the Park. A well-known maverick, Lindquist is credited with creating many of the unique marketing programs and special entertainment events that have made Disney attractions around the globe so successful.


"This is a valuable memoir by a man who 'accidentally' became the first President of Disneyland. If you’re a Disneyland fanatic — and there are many such people — consider this a must-read"
—Leonard Maltin, Entertainment Tonight


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